Burning Hearts House of Prayer reaches milestone

Burning Hearts House of Prayer reaches milestone

Nahia Haddad and her husband George (centre) launch Burning Hearts House of Prayer in early January 2015. With them, from left to right, are pastors Ernie Pinzon (Filipino Community Church), Paul Chen (Ottawa Mandarin Alliance Church), and Bill Buitenwerf (East Gate Alliance Church). Photo courtesy of Nahia Haddad.

“Prayer must be at the foundation of all we do”

David Kitz
Special to Spur Ottawa

As 2015 draws to a close our minds quite naturally turn to thoughts of New Year’s resolutions and personal goals we wish to pursue in the year ahead. For many Christians, an improved prayer life is a noble goal. All too often it’s an aspirational goal that never moves beyond good intentions.

But this past year, for some in Ottawa, a vibrant prayer life has moved beyond aspiration. It became a daily reality because of a prayer gathering that met every evening throughout 2015.

Nahia Haddad was one of the people who wanted to see prayer take a more central place in her life and the life of her church. As 2014 drew to a close she did something about that desire. She began earnestly seeking God about how she could facilitate prayer in her church and community.

For a number of years, Haddad has been part of the team organizing the Global Day of Prayer here in Ottawa. Above all, she wanted to see the Church empowered to spread the gospel like on the Day of Pentecost. Over the years she has seen little evidence of Holy Spirit empowerment, though this year there was a significant growth in numbers attending the Global Day of Prayer… Read the full article here

Happy New Year! As we settle into the new year of 2016, let us not forget that a vibrant prayer life may become more than just an aspirational goal! For those willing to get involved, in 2016 it can become a reality. Contact Us today if you feel led to be involved within our ministry. As we hit off the new year, we are extremely thrilled to have been featured on Spur Ottawa’s site this month as we celebrate our one year anniversary!  

Join us in celebration of our one year anniversary at Burning Hearts House of Prayer. The theme of the night will be Praise and Worship. Worship will be lead by our very own, Colin Bernard. We will be praying with churches from around the city in conjunction with Love Ottawa, and City on Our Knees. Refreshments will be served. Don’t forget to RSVP HERE if you haven’t already! See you on January 10th, 2016!

God Bless you in the year to come!


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    TJWay says

    My youngest sister in Christ Nahia, I am here to thank you for your prayers and humbly ask from all my heart to yours, to please continue praying for our brother Robert to Our Lord Jesus to heal his whole body For a complete recovery. Thank you millions to you and your ministry sisters and brothers for being there for Robert, as well as me and Mark in our times of need and prayers. We love you all so much! God bless everyone, in Jesus Name, Amen! Ur sister in Christ, TJWay 🙏🏻

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