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Schedule Change at BHHOP.

\o/ Our Daily Prayer Schedule \o/ We have changed the schedule during covid. Please go to for upcoming meetings on Zoom or live as it is possible. We do want to share that we started a 24/7 Virtual Upper Room and we are doing meetings on zoom. If you like to join in prayer or invite someone to pray with you in the virtual room, message us and we will send you the link. Blessings beloved and may the Lord give you the desires of your heart as you delight in Him.

The following gatherings will be outdoors downtown in a park. (Email us for details)

Sunday 12:00 meet in person in a park
Prayed and power evangelism in the park

Monday 1:00 pm Virtual
Prayer for Revival

Tuesday 8 pm – 10 pm Virtual
Ladies meeting in Tigrenia language

Wednesday at 9:30 am meet in person in a park
Praise, worship and prayer for people in the park

Thursday’s 6:00 pm Virtual
Missionaries Here & Abroad

Friday’s at 5:00 PM Children praying

Other than the times above The Virtual room is open for all to come in and pray, invite your prayer partners or prayer groups to join in prayer using Burning Hearts House of Prayer Upper Room Zoom link. Passcode 539352

Saturday 11:15 prayer and power evangelism in the park.

**People are also invited to come and serve by praying for others as well as receiving personal prayer. Please email us if you would like to become a volunteer in this important ministry.

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